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Sangha as the Heart of Sangha

(a photo of the outside of the Atlanta Soto Zen Center at dusk)

What a life five days can live

a 30 people lotus flower blossoming in Atlanta heat

Moment by moment experiencing/being the Dharma

backs ache, knees sore, tea drank, mind-opening, smiling

we sat

Complete in every way that contextual understanding is not so

as water in the ocean does not vie to be wave at the expense of the sky

Sitting is not sitting but just as calling a dog's name we realize IT is more than a definition

endlessness is boundless no time and no space at the heart just sharing ourselves being

Buddha Nature

When all cannot be lost there is no need to think of gain

the petals have now dropped away blown far and wide into and beyond the heat of hot Atlanta's

jukai, sesshin, conference, 40th-lottery-auction-SilentThunder Band, smiling embracing sangha

compassion, loving-kindness, joy and equanimity, pure land right there and then had its five days

in the sun...

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