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We are on on a road trip my daughters and me.

We see and feel the other in these moments exploring the history, now, and future of this life we share.

Looking at the same supposed thing I recall memories that are different from what currently is a beautiful mixed forest of trees and plants where in my mind the home of a three year-old me once stood.

All around the vast fields forest rolling hills are the same my Father loved, his Father, and his Father.

Aunts and cousins I see seldom welcome we three as family as we peered into them looking for the thread of each of us and them and all of this place multiple generations called home - starting to feel why they did so.

My memories mix with being grateful to my daughters today. I am a lucky duck.

In the picture above I see all of this and my cousin standing beside me looking at the vista, plus the place behind the now, this place that allowed an old me to feel deeply the trees, flowers and memory of of then and now.

This place told me today, we remember you Danny and thank you for bringing your daughters here to visit us.

One day my daughters can say, remember that road trip we gave Dad? A trip into his past, our now, and in the future, the memories of being together.

It is a road trip of love wherein we can say always to each other, do you remember when we did this and said that and the laughter we shared?

Thank you my Dears..

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