Life is Not A Journey But It is A Koan

Recently our Buddhism Book Bunch (our reading group) completed Joan Halifax-roshi's Fruitful Darkness. Roshi is a trained anthropologist and has done extensive work in death and dying. In this book describes the often used metaphor of 'Journey" to describe life. But let's turn this around. Rather LIFE is a metaphor for a journey. First we start-born, grow and develop and then we end. Often we say, "Great is Matter of Birth and Death," which means IT is all there is being or processing. Life is processing millions moments of breathing in and out as conditions and variables change. Or folks Life is Life and Zenning is aware(ing) living. Deep awareness of anything means you become IT. When we travel we are traveling we are BEING travel and that is just a facet of India's net. In this view maybe it helps us appreciate being is all.

Our next BBB book selection is by Brad Warner who has been called a punk-rock-roshi, among other things. In this book he explores Dogen's Shobogenzo. In Sit Down and Shut-up, Warner looks at the writing of Dogen as a refreshing turning what we think of life upside down. In many ways pointing that Dogen cuts through metaphors and ideas to direct experiencing (something Halifax-roshi also does in her last chapter). What you may find that Dogen and Warner are both exploring Koan (public case) or the essence of a teaching that penetrates the heart of the matter. So lets explore the wonderful world of Koans-don't forget your lamp...