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Founders Month: Honoring

Saturday Sensei and I spent 11 hours driving to and from ( avg. 35mph through two tornado warnings) Nashville Tennessee to conduct one hour of initiation for two members of the Nashville Zen Center. This made me think of Dogen's dangerous travel to and from China in the 13th Century. And of course our lineage founder, Matsuoka's travel to the U.S., in 1939 and later internment during WWII.

One doesn't hear the phrase "I appreciate what you did," much any more. Heartfelt appreciation can be seen "to honor," which is a word that carries more gravitas, meaning to hold the person and action in high esteem. Then to do this on a regular basis may become a ritual, remembrance, celebration, then of course we have anniversaries of this high esteem-so it is when we think of a birthday or a wedding and in the case of us, the Silent Thunder Order:Founder's Month.

Tuesday night (11/21/17) the Abbot of the Silent Thunder Order and the Atlanta Soto Zen Center, Taiun Elliston-roshi will be speaking to our FSZS via Skype at 7:45 PM. This is a wonderful opportunity to see and hear Hojo (Japanese for Abbot) talk about his teacher. In addition he will be taking questions from the Sangha.

Please make a strong effort to be there. Also since it is Founder's Month, I ask for a special donation of $30 to STO in recognition of my teacher's, teacher. By giving this amount, or more, we will give you a small Jizo as appreciation for honoring our linage.

Many bows for all you do for FSZS...

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