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The FSZS Tree

This year we launch a new format for our Tuesday night service. We will focus on a different aspect our practice as follows: 1st Tuesday Classical Buddhism, 2nd Tuesday Zen in Everyday Life, 3rd Tuesday Open Discussion, 4th Tuesday Classical Buddhism or Guest Speaker, And if a 5th Tuesday we focus on Dogen.

This approach is similar to how the Atlanta Soto Zen Center organizes and I believe this will be a good model for us. The graphic above seems to be a tree of life in many ways. It is certainly a visual of our Zen way of life, It also demonstrates the interconnectivity of all we do. The calendar is updated each week on our Website. In addition many of you have a Zen Home Practice Guide (email me if you would like to purchase one) that provides chants and tteachings to enhance daily zazen. These activities depict What I do and many of the things you do. Our Calendar in turn, is informed by the STO Calendar.

This year, we will also do a bit more marketing and communication of the fact we exist and welcome people to give us a try. As Shakyamuni Buddha is to have said to people thousands of time"...would you like a teaching?" So more "Bring a Friend of Ten to Zen Nights," I will be on the road talking to different groups ,and we'll place flyers in strategic places around Upper Cape.

I appreciate all of your support as we enter our eight year of sharing the Dharma on the Cape. Please let me know you ideas for sharing the Dharma and ways I can be more supportive of you in your Practice.

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