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Taking Stock of Inconsistency

February 13, is the second Tuesday of the month. This means we look at Zen in everyday life (as if we have a choice) as a discussion topic.

I've read the U.S. stock markets dislike inconsistency. For example good news about, say wages going up, may cause investors to fear loss of value in stocks, because money goes to employees and not their portfolio.

What an inconvenience! Somewhat like a bird in the hand. Imagine I have an inclosed field of bushes where "my" birds are keep out of sight. I know on a given day that some birds fly out and others fly in and I can get a tally of the number of birds present at the end of the day. Do you see the problem? It is these birds are not in my hand but in the bush! Granted digital birds in a digital bush, but they are not in my real hand. My fear however, is I am loosing too many potential birds so I change them from stock or bonds birds into cash birds. But I don't want to put the cash bird in my hand because I have to pay taxes on it and if I exchange it for something other than birds my wealth/merit might down. Woe is me.

Speaking of stock, there is a story of Buddha meeting with his Sangha when an agitated farmer came running through the group asking if any one had seen his cows that had run away. Saying they had not, the farmer just kept running and shouting. The Buddha said having no cows we have nothing to loose.

Coming and going is more than first coming and second going. The first is consistency and the second inconsistency. Knowing the former reduces fear of the latter...


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