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Open Discussion: Whatever

The second Tuesday night of the month FSZS's Dharma discussion is open. That is anyone can pose questions on anything. I have noticed this is hard for some to do. Asking something that one does not feel "is a good enough" question, or could result in getting an answer that confuses one even more may feel to costly a risk to take. Another way of responding is stating a concern. An example would be... I have a hard time with the freedom of asking anything I want. Now we have a topic... why am I overwhelmed with freedom?

Vast are the questions conjured from freedom. I hardly know where to begin, one might say, or even sluff-off the question and just say "whatever, or it doesn't matter." The opportunity has arrived, what do you want to do with it? It does not always come to those who need it, or desire it, but to those who can accept it. The teacher will come when the student is ready is a testament to unfolding wisdom or deep insight, into life. So what would you like to talk about tests our freedom of choice.

You could ask this, or you could ask that, or ask this and never that, or that and never this; or you could ask both this and that. Patient perseverance allowing the question to arise is a practice. We sometimes say..."just sit with it." This suggests just be open to silence delivering the __________ (fill-in-the-blank). Shakyamuni Buddha said that IT is already available we just haven't realized IT is ready...

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