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Three Treasures at Midnight

It was during my midnight sit (Zazen) as part of my 30-day Ango (semi-monastic retreat and training) that I noticed something as I was lighting incense at the Mañjuśrī, ( a bodhisattva associated with prajñā in Mahayana Buddhism cutting through delusion). It was like catching something out of the corner of my eye in the dark and silent Zendo.

What it is and my sense of it can be called two different things but as Buddhists we want to get deeper- beyond Samsara. So my experience was the image or holographic impression of three Indra's jewels or for us in Buddhism, the Three Treasures of Buddha (enlightened person), Dharma (truth) and Sangha (followers on the same path as the Buddha). Well I looked at this for a bit as it was a teisho or teaching.

I wondered then if I could take a picture of it as my mind wandered off into the illusion. So, after doing Zazen and I took the picture above. Not exactly catching a picture of Bigfoot or something...well, in second thought its is something for me, you of course you have your own illusions, but we say we share the Dharma so here you are...

Sensei, 108 _/\_


Taiun Elliston-roshi, Abbot of our Silent Thunder Order, will speak to FSZS via Skype at 8:00PM on Tuesday July 31, 2018. as will join in from Atlanta

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