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Realization is interesting. It might be even exciting when we realize something Mr. Spock, of Star Trek fame would say. He was big on the word fascinating. A kind of realization with a wow-factor, what is called ikigai, in Japanese (

Master Dogen writes of realization and actualization (see Zazenshin), or "realization-actualization." This rather clumsy combination of the two words is just like a finger that is pointing to the as yet unrecognizable now. Before seeing clearly or being awake, we simply reflect variables and conditions. We follow what we believe is the direct understanding of what should be.

We are Buddha/Nature, but it is only through practicing Zazen that we come to realize we are thus. When this occurs the interconnected Buddha Nature of all beings is brightly actualized.

This is why we say before realization mountains are just mountains, after realization mountains are more than mountains; then here is my favorite part, they transmit the actualizing of true mountain-ness. At this pivot point they are fully alive as am I in boundless radiance as we both intimately walk the path...

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