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Lying: The Dark Side of Indra's Net

A lie, as opposed to being mistaken, is knowingly presenting a false statement. Sometimes we call this shading the truth. It suggests that the impact of the lie varies based on the severity of the false statement to gain or loss to the person speaking. For example if the lie is for gain the magnitude ranges, as in the fish stories of length and weight of a catch, or the one that got away. In terms of loss, the caliber of lie is often to soften the blow-it is not as bad as it may seem.

By developing the ability to lie well one must be fully engaged in constant control (seemingly). Lying to one's self we say. But notice as a way of life, this constant action sustains a gestalt that IS the life of the person. So a habitual liar is a "delusion-ist." Such a person is deluded into thinking that his/her lying-gestalt is necessary even if not true. To the extent that something is deemed necessary as opposed to true, the means absolutely justify the means. In other words necessity trumps truth.

Now, add more intensity and the color changes form white to yellow to gray, then to black, and then to red-hot. The latter is the rage put forth when the other just will not believe what one is saying. The move is all out attack on the other with the intent to blast the person with the question (accusation) as the one who is "bad."

In Buddhism we vow not to speak untruths about others including the admonition not to gossip. Why?

Image the tangles web we weave of different colors becoming how we think we MUST live as having too much to gain or lose if we do not. We must always be bigger than life and make others seem smaller to sustain a superior sense of egocentrism.

Finally, one of my current thought experiments is to imagine an "APP" for something. So, what would an "APP" look-like to keep up with one's lies? For example we record all we say into it and the "APP" color codes, cross-references, sorts and prioritizes. Calling up the appropriate lying connection every moment, it must of course become the "Dark Side" of Indra's Net...

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