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Zen Mind is Ordinary Mind: 360 Circle "Happy Founders' Month"

In Moku-rai, the second of the two current books about our Founder Matsuoka-roshi, edited by our current Abbot, Taiun-roshi, is a wonderful "treat on page 38." O'roshi describes "Ordinary-Zen." Since Zen is here and now then everything must be such. That is everything is within the moment which is of course the Universe.

The skillful means used by O"-roshi is the circle. Skillful means refers to a teaching technique or "Teisho." It is a construct and once used, is left behind on the shore of the new understanding as one moves upon a new path. O'-roshi says Zero degrees is the the point of attachment to form: names, assumptions assessment and non-change. At 90 degrees Matsuoka says...: "we are still attached to dualism to the point that we assume it is reality." At 180 degrees we transcend dualistic thinking and emptiness unfolds. And to me the most helpful teaching is at 270 degrees. Here we intuit. Intuition/imagination is "freeform" no boundaries. Note the similarity between freeform and freedom! "A stone-man dances and the river stands still."

The degree of 360 is freedom from illusion. It is also "0" degrees. This is not a logical conclusion, IT has alway been thus. The logical conclusion is we have always been enlightened. And further this clarity is in everything all the time whether past, future, or present. Right now is when right view must arise, as it is our Way to live by moment, and it is Zen to overcome all of the obstacles to thus see deeply into to the moment of the Universe...the day is warm, I am not hungry yet...


Each year we ask for a special donation to our Order (Mokurai: Silent Thunder). And, each year a small gift is offered to those who can donate $35 or more-this year it is a Monks Bag... Please Contribute​​...

You can make direct donations online at our website or by going to the STO website or by check made out to FSZS. Be sure to designate STO Founders Month/from a FSZS member.

108 bows for all you do in sharing the Dharma. And, as always if I can be of service in your practice feel free to call, email, set a time for Dokusan, or joining me for a chat and a cup of coffee.

I look forward to seeing you soon...

_/\_ Sangaku

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