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Gassho: Thanksgiving

Gassho is more than a pose. It is symbolic of the Dharma, the truth about life. For instance, we place together our right and left hand, which are opposites. It represents other opposites as well: you and me, light and dark, ignorance and wisdom, life and death.

Gassho also symbolizes respect, the Buddhist teachings, and the Dharma. It also is an expression of our feelings of gratitude and our inter-connectedness with each other. It symbolizes the realization that our lives are supported by innumerable causes and conditions. (Ken Yamada, of the Berkeley Higashi Honganji Temple).

This is the week of a holiday called Thanksgiving. Historically somewhat inaccurate for us in New England, nonetheless the intent is pleasing. What is thanks? Well it is a continuum of appreciation from "thanks for opening the door---------thanks for saving my life." It is acknowledgement that someone made a positive difference in that moment, in that way, in my life. This is a goosebumps understanding. And, if the truth be known it happens often everyday. Folks, it may actually be what makes us Human. To feel thankful is being filled to the brim with gratitude-my cup runneth over. Sometimes our cup is small and sometimes big.

This is an amazing feeling and to experience it in a group-setting with people in whose lives we inter-are, well its is a beautiful thing. The wonderful photo above of intergenerational "Gassho-ing" speaks volumes to me as I envision cosmic thanksgiving connecting us. Every moment is thanks-giving, opening to us the opportunity to do meaningful work and to be oh so happy that we have each other in our lives...




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