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So What Awake

Many bows to Mokuyo, and her husband Kevin, for allowing Ikusei, Enjitsu, Joe, Garth and I to celebrate Rohatus (Buddha's Awakening) at their home this past weekend. We sat Zazen for twelve hours off-set with Kinhin or walking meditation. In doing so we went through the physical and mental conditions that faced Siddhārtha Gautama as he sat under a bodhi tree 2500 years ago.

In Zen we refer to this event in several ways. One that it was a Dharma-gate, meaning moving through it he/we experience a different and deeper awareness of our five senses. Second, we become feel that "our being" during this time is different from what we thought. Third, it may even feel common as one person noted during our discussion following our sitting and talking about Buddha's first sermon..."The First Turning of the Dharma Wheel." Common as in basic, fundamental or even clear.

Beginning in January 2019, we will go back to these basics of the three turnings of the Dharma Wheel. This is a deep dive into our "Scales." These are the "notes of Buddhism": Three Universal Laws, Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eight Fold Path. In addition we will look at Master Dogen's 108 Delusions. I believe putting these two teachings in juxtaposition point to the experience of ignorance and awakening.

Those of you who have been attending our Sangha and wish to discuss taking initial vows (jukai) may get in touch with me as our training begins in February and ends in October. The Jukai Ceremony taking place during our Founders' Month recognition in November 2019.

108 Bows


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