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Resolve: Have You?

Today can be defined as Tuesday, January 1, 2019. Indeed many people think this is true. Yet, how we use something is more a statement of evidence than agreed upon precedent. What do we do with this day? One precedent is to make resolutions. The ancient Babylonians did IT in reverse. They ended the year attempting to resolve any outstanding affronts they had made to their gods. The idea being to HAVING DONE what you resolved to do at the start of the year or the gods would make it hard on you in the days ahead.

Zen as a practice is moment by moment awareness and action to reduce suffering in ourselves and others. When we place a measure on this, that is determine how much merit we get for doing something, we are in the throws of making a New Year's Resolution..."in keeping with the situation."

To resolve means coming to a relational-awareness, as in not so much this, or that, but primarily a range of fluidity that accepts and responses. Classic Buddhism offers clues: looking carefully into life, observing thoughts and the process, speaking clearly based on view and understanding, acting in accordance, living an awakened life, being diligent and persistent, meditating clarity, and being aware of mind-BIG and small.

We are beings not completions. For the next several months we will explore the notes that make-up the music of life. In other words we will learn how to play.

So may we resolve to "play the new year" in our own style bringing us into sangha harmony.

108 Bows


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