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Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood

A well-worn cliche comes to mind, "where the rubber hits the road." This modern koan implies something has emboldened the act. With Right View and Right Thought/Intention, the question is how do we use mental awareness to embolden everyday life/Zen? This is the realm of "sila."

Sila is a Pali word for moral/ethical behavior. The realm extends to Buddhist's precepts when one takes Jukai or vows. What do you say? May it be clear and not harsh, neither false nor idle. Why? Harmony. What do you do? May acts of volition be in line with need, not puffed-up, nor harmful, while in support of compassion, loving-kindness joy, and equanimity. Why? Harmony.

How do you spend time garnering the means to keep you nourished and sustained through what you do for a living? May one not abuse others, perpetuate creation and conditions spawning mind-altering substances, items that kill and or enslave others. Why? Harmony.

The rubber hits the road in Zen through the turning of the great Dharma wheel driven by our views, intentions, speech, action, and livelihood. These are integrated into helping maintain the alignment of our wheel of life. Why?

May you be well, Sangaku

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