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Right Mindfulness

Mindfulness is not being stuffed? For me the terms: mindfulness, insight, awareness, intuition, and wisdom swirl around in my, well, mind. So, Right Mindfulness suggests a sorting of some kind. One can assert the brain is a condition for the mind, and that awareness a variable. The brain has many functions one of which is sensory interpretation, that also is a variable influencing the functionality of mind.

Cognitive awareness is sensory perception and interpretation attached to an object- a tree, for example, becomes a building-block of characteristics we select when we hear the word. This tree-statement declares that cognitive awareness has many cause/effect moments aligning thoughts of meaning. Let's sort the terms listed above: brain, sense organs, awareness, insight, intuition, wisdom unfold mindfulness or "Sati," in Pali, is different. It is holding awareness like a mother holds her child with tenderness, loving-kindness, and effort.

Mindfulness is the opposite of having a full mind, as in totally occupied with thoughts or attachment/hinderances. Rather in a curious way, it is the true emptiness on a personal scale where we are fully aware without being captured by an object, being of the world rather than in it. This means we are mindful of all the universe including random thought, interrupting our mind-scape. This quality is insight affording liberation.

"Mindfulness brings to light (awake) experience in its full immediacy. It reveals the object as it is before it is plastered over with conceptual paint, overlaid with practice it is not so much doing as undoing, not thinking, not judging, not associating, not planning, not imagining, and not wishing." (The Noble Eight Fold Path, p.77, Bhikkhu Bodi)

Fully open I stand upright in the moment and universe...

108Bows Sangaku


Hanamatsuri, "Flower Festival", or Buddha's birthday will be celebrated April 9, 2019. We will sit from 7-7: 30 PM and then "Bathe The Buddha and Me," have cake, and talk about Siddhartha's birth and early life. Please bring friends, children, dogs, children, and rhinoceroses.

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