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Ango and Open Conversation

On May 1, 2019, I begin my third, 30-day Ango, as part of my Silent Thunder Order training path at the Atlanta Soto Zen Center. Ango refers to the rainy season in Shakyamuni Buddha's world. It was a roughly 90-day period of extreme rains when the Arhats (sangha) would leave the forests and settle into villages of supporters. Ostensibly it was so they would not step-on amphibious creatures during the downpours, but it also allowed them more time for meditation and teaching.

During this Ango-period I will serve as the head student of the Order-Shuso. This means I will be available to others to talk about my life and practice including responding to any questions they may ask about Zen. I will share a classic koan with all, about which I will give my thoughts/understanding of the Dharma. I will also practice zazen very six hours around the clock (6-12-6-12), meet with members of the Atlanta Soto Zen Center, engage in 1:1 talks with my teacher (Sensei) Taiun Michael Elliston-Roshi, and give public talks on topics he selects. I will continue my roles as Vice-Chair of the Silent Thunder Order Board of Directors, Co-chair of the Board Finance Committee and the Practice Leaders' Forum; and Facilitator for implementing the objectives of the STO Strategic Plan: 2018-2023.

While I am away, the Falmouth Soto Zen Sangha will be in the capable hands of Enjitsu Chris Charyk, Mokuyo Nancy Sherwood, and Ikusei Jacquline Lee. Please offer them the Dana of your support. I will use Zoom to video-in each Tuesday service at 8:00 pm to talk about my experiences. In addition, Hojo Taiun-Roshi will be with me for one of the Tuesdays to share the Dharma. I will inform you of the date as soon as possible.

This Tuesday's Dharma discussion, April 23, 2019, will be an "Open Conversation," wherein you may ask any questions you like about our practice: however, only fifty (50) questions per person, will be allowed...



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