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What Did I Bring Back?

Master Dogen, when he returned to Japan after five years in China, was asked what he brought back? One answer was...ears over shoulders, nose over the navel. He is saying nothing we don't already have but we have yet to understand the meaning.

As for me, returning from Atlanta, I did bring some stuff and some thoughts that hopefully will lead to new experiences for us all.

You will have to be at the service Tuesday the 11th to see for yourself (as in true self). There are "items" and there is the Rhinoceros. All worthy of Master Dogen's true Dharma eye.

I look forward to seeing all of you. There will be a special event at 7:00 PM and we will sit from 7:05-7:25. I will talk about Ango, Koans, and Hossen Shiki at 7:45.

You can join us Online via Zoom by entering the following URL in your browser:

We will experiment with broadcasting our Tuesday Dharma Discussions for several weeks to see if folks who can not be in Falmouth with us, will join us Online.



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