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The Dharma Unfolds Without Recognition

Happiness is not driven by events. It is a field of energy that erupts in a given moment through awareness of newness, irregularity or change:

"Everyone says they want to live in the present, but there’s a paradox: If you’re not in the present, you’re not there to know you’re not there,” says Ellen Langer. So how do you get there? Her work tells us how: when you’re actively noticing new things, you become more aware of context and perspective. You end up with a healthier respect for uncertainty, something we are taught to fear. "

This is Tiny Tim in the 1951 version of the movie a Christmas Carol who is beaming at the sights in the toy store window next to healthier children, the old man, me this morning at Coffee Obsessions, watching a child walking next to her dad, carry a paper bag of bagels half her size across the parking lot.

Being that which is happening is not interpretation. Breaking-out in a smile happens faster than figuring out that it (moment) is pleasant.

This is The Way, which is life before the explanation.

Master Dogen in Bendowa (0n the endeavor of The Way) says " living beings constantly function in and use the Dharma, yet it does not appear in their perception," The Wholehearted Way, p.66. Self doesn't see self and myriad things are not things.

Life is everything every moment and we have an infinite capacity to become it...

108bows Sangaku

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