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Nothing or Everything

Last week I wrote about not perceiving the Dharma. The point, like air it is ubiquitous to our moving around. How is something present but not existent? There are a couple of examples.

Many of us have allergies that are dormant until exposure to the right allergen . Millions of people who may have the propinquity for mathematics or music are too poor to have the opportunity or exposure to liberate these capabilities. In each of the above cases, conditions and variables exist in each moment as we live our life. This flux is the proverbial blank canvas that is living or the life finding way.

Dogen's zazen is practicing living in the moment of rising, falling, swirling, fluttering, and pulsing. Life is living in the flux of Buddha Dharma. When we sit still and quiet, there are endless possible combinations of variables and conditions shaping and reshaping the ever-changing energy field we call self. If we do not actualize (engage in) life, we are not living. We could be waiting.

That is once everything we think is necessary falls into place, then we can begin, which of course cannot happen. What is the difference between nothing and everything? They are both comprehensive. They both cover dualistic extremes that offer small chances for liberation-no flux.

It is breaking the barrier we think separates the self from the universe that is awakening to true Buddha Dharma-"every-nothing" is in play. See it.

May All Beings Be Happy Sangaku

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