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"Free Speech Vs.'FIRE'"

Right Speech is the third step, following Right Vision, and Right Thought, in the Eight-Fold Noble Path of behavior by Shakyamuni Buddha.

Right Vision is a kind of 360degree clarity. Right Thought is aligning cause and effect. Then, at this juncture we go public, we speak. Right Speech thoughtfully expression with an inherent understanding of the cause and effect of what we mean, Right Speech is used to reduce suffering, not inflame it.

The litmus test used to define First Amendment free speech is yelling "FIRE," when there is none, in a crowded theater. If in the falsity of yelling "FIRE" someone dies, the person yelling probably faces a count of manslaughter. Now imagine yelling "FIRE," simultaneously in all the theaters across American. The person yelling is the president, the theater rallies, news-ranting, and twitter, while the equivalency of saying, "FIRE," is "NOT LIKE US (as in white like me or a white only U.S.)."

As a television commentator said recently, when you take away the president's pulpit, you just have the "bully." This is the case today and the question is what will be the result of expansive flaming? First, I suggest it will not be more people voting for trump, but more people engaging in acting-out trump's hatred against half the population who do not agree with them politically. Second, rage once released WILL NOT go only one way. For example, when the group is stampeding from the theater, the person yelling "FIRE," never imagines he could be the one who gets trampled...



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