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Wandering Well

Some time back there was a catchy phrase: "Management by Walking Around." On the surface it suggests engagement and knowledge, walking hand-in-hand with people at different levels of an organization.

I suppose it also has a somewhat "fuzzy-logic" connotation supercilious to some. Yet, it is through wondering, and wandering, that we test our assumptions. Shakyamuni Buddha was adamant we test his teachings and not take them at face value.

Zen, I believe, is moment by moment testing of the Noble Eight-Fold Path. Through Shikantaza, we envelop ourselves and by walking around we try it out. This seems a sensible use of Zen-moment and Noble-action!

It is "Living-Zen," a concept both Matsuoka-Roshi and Elliston-Roshi profess is our calling in the concept of Mokurai (in silence there is thunder)-Zen as everyday-ness How this is so, does not come from logic but deep awareness/experience of circumstances-conditions and variables.

Meandering I am still, stopping I am in motion...smiling.



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