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Open Forum Tuesday: Ask Away

Every-once-in-a-while Tuesday night Dharma Discussion becomes an open forum. This means come loaded with questions. So it is this Tuesday night October 1, 2019

WhatistimeWhydidMatsuokacomefromtheWestDogen'steacherswere HowdoweknowHuinengheardwhatLawandassumption MuHowoldisSTO NagarjunaTeaHowcanyoumakeamirrorbypolishingatile WashyourbowlsWhyfall-downsevenandget-upeightWhereareyougoingafteryouleavehere WhyaflowerastoneonbambooatileFaceDogCatLegPiggybackride Deadtreegrowingonstone


Of the eyes of the thousand-armed bodhisattva of compassion, which is the true eye?" Línjì repeats the question, adding "Answer me! Answer me!" Then, Ma-yu "dragged the Master down from the lecture seat and sat in it himself. "

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