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Life sometimes sloows doown.

As such, we are a field of simultaneous activities, not just the now, but a kind of anticipated dotted-line of actions foreseeing outcomes of coming moments. Wayne Gretzky the great hockey player said he always skated to where he knew the puck would be, Bill Russell basketball great, said often players and crowd were a blend of expectations and he just knew what to do next. Another word for this quality is wisdom.

After Siddhārtha Gautama became the Awakened One (Buddha), he offered three points or applications of his awareness (being awake) in the Noble Eight-Fold Path of living-Buddha: Right Vision, Right Thought, and Right Action. As one unfolds clarity of view, thought, and the action of interrelated events, she/he gains a capability to live fully in the moment-Buddha meets Zen.

What is fascinating is this wisdom or Prajna Paramita, is rapid while deliberate. For example, if you see slowed-down video of any human activity, it looks like ballet. Purposeful, deliberate, and predictable. While life is fast-paced our being awake to it's frequency, allows seeing its unfolding similar to slow-motion video.

Our Zazen (meditation) finds us seated in a field of awareness that enables clarity of interconnectivity, the whole, and not the parts, that in turn makes such... sense.



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