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2022-2023 and Beyond

Updated: Jan 12

In January of each year Mokuo and I review our end of year financials and practice activities. Then, we prepare a working calendar of events for the year ahead. In preparing for this talk I thought back to the end of 2010 which was our founding year. We had $250.

It was not until 2013 that we exceeded $1000. This was the same year the first person took Jukai at the Falmouth Soto Zen Sangha was in 2013, I was a senior Disciple having taken Zaike Tokudo in 2004. Mokuo Nancy Sherwood took Zaike Tokudo in 2020, the same year I became a transmitted Soto Zen Buddhist Priest (Shiho), having become a Novice Priest in 2014 (Shukke Tokudo) .

As of 2022, fourteen people have taken Jukai and one Zaike (since 2013), and we had a $5800 budget. Our active membership is eleven practitioners and we are involved in the Silent Thunder Order Network. Note in the report below, the increase in donations, completing our pledge to The Abbot’s Fund, and the increase of the MaryLou Holland (Junko) Fund to $750. Our relationship with the First Congregational Church is a good one thanks to Mokuo working closely with the Church secretary on space utilization and scheduling, and we continue to be active with the Falmouth Senior Center and Emerson House (recovery center for alcohol and drug abuse). In addition to Practice Leader, Mokuo facilities the Project on Women Ancestors and is co-facilitator of the STO Women's Forum, and I am a member of the Falmouth Interfaith Group

While the report below speaks broadly about the year 2023 there are a few actions that I think deserve particular comment, as does the “Beyond” part.

First, I will add another Independent Study Course (ISC), the initial course: Five Basic Teachings of Buddhism had six students. The Second ISC will be Wading in with Dogen. Both courses will begin in February 2023,,

if you are interested and wish for details Third, the FSZS will offer quarterly Friday through Sunday sesshins in March, June, September and Rohatsu in December. Fourth, we will study the Story of Myth by Joseph Campbell beginning the last Tuesday in January and each month through July, 2023.

“Beyond,” refers to 2025,. I will be stepping down from daily activity in The Falmouth Soto Zen Sangha in 2025..I will begin full documentation of the FSZS practice guidelines in 2023, using the Silent Thunder Order as predicate. I turn 80 years old in 2025, and will be focusing my time as a guiding teacher on Dokusan, helping those with their practice path, and do some writing.

Below is the 2022 Report and the Working Calendar of 2023.

108 bows to all of you for sharing the Dharma with me and all beings…

Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.


Falmouth Soto Zen Sangha

2023 Working Calendar— subject to change, please check regularly for updates:


Annual calendar, Daily Zoom sits, Jukai training begins, weekly service, second Saturday at FCCF, Joseph Campbell 31, Emerson, Senior Center


Daily Zoom sits, Jukai training begins, weekly service, second Saturday at FCCF, Joseph Campbell 28, Emerson, Senior Center, Thursday morning Moku Rai study begins, Independent Study on Dogen begins, STO Dharma study: Awakening to Zen, Philip Kapleau 14


Daily Zoom sits, Jukai training, weekly service, second Saturday at FCCF, Joseph Campbell 28,

March Sesshin 24-26 Sesshin 3/31-4/2, Awakening to Zen, Philip Kapleau 14