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An Important Holiday Teaching: Groundhog Day-The Movie

Just around the corner of near time is the most meaningful moment in our year, within a short period of Uji within what is called"Groundhog Day," Tuesday, February 2, 2021.

Scoff if you must, but you do so at your peril. This day of opportunity begins as the rotational shifting of the earth attempts to light the morning. Or not as the case may be for one creature.

The play of light and dark actualizes this thing called shadow (Jung) becomes the epicenter of prognosticating our fate for the next six weeks. We sit in suspension.

It turns out, a movie, or should we say documentary, about this phenomenon happened in 1994. Those who have seen this have actualized the existential ho-hum.

The theme is everydayness wake-up, do things, and go to sleep. There is a rhythm here that suggests familiarity and similarity but with a wormhole exposed by the Movie. Each moment seems to repeat or offers the same sequence and opening. From the 6:00 AM song until various ways in which the lead character ends his day. Yet, there is more afoot.

The main character recognizes a loop and conceives dozens of ways to engage each moment. Surprise and disbelief gives way to humor, anger, manipulation, greed, resignation, and the opportunity to reduce his suffering and that of others,

The day has a depth of meaning found by embracing the potential to save all being, end-all delusion, and enter boundless Dharma gates.

We will explore this "Groundhog Day" through your eyes. Please start by reviewing the following:




February 9, at our 7:00 PM/ET service, is the instillation of the Falmouth Soto Zen Sangha's new Practice Leader, Mokuo Nancy Sherwood. Please join us in welcoming and applauding her new role.

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