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Beyond the Trapezoid: Un Kai Ku Wasan

Our Guest Speaker on August 25, 2020 is Un Kai Ku Wasan. She is my Dharma sister in the Mokurai or Silent Thunder Order, and we served together on the Silent Thunder Order Board of Directors for several years.

She is currently Secretary of the Board and chair of the Dharma Studies Committee.

This year she has also been a mentor in the Falmouth Soto Zen Sangha Discipleship Program that Mokuo Nancy Sherwood will be completing in November.

Un kai Ku Wasan and her husband, Robert retired from their jobs at Wichita State University, School of Music and relocated to their log cabin in Southwestern Montana in 2010. There they live with two pups, leaving Montana only occasionally to visit grandchildren. Kū Wasan maintains a daily practice which includes an ongoing acceptance and gratitude for Montana winters, which last at least six months of the year.

Ku Wasan took Jukai in 2001. She became a novice priest (black robe) in 2011. Her Shukke Tokudo ceremony was held in Wichita Kansas, at the Southwest Sangha, an affiliate sangha of the Silent Thunder Order.

Please join us to welcome Ku Wasan, and bring a friend...




September Schedule

I will be out of state September 3 through September 28, 2020, but still available by phone email and Zoom for Dokusan, morning Zazen, and Tuesday Night Service.

September 1-30, Morning Zazen from 6:30-7:15 ET

September 1, Tuesday Night Service 7:00-8:15 ET Talk: Cutting Edge Laughter

September 8, Tuesday Night Service 7:00-8:15 ET Talk: Chan's Development in China

September 15, Tuesday Night Service 7:00-8:15 ET Talk: Shiho

September 22, Tuesday Night Service 7:00-8:15 ET Talk: Ordinary Mind and Teachings of Maurine Stuart

September 29, Tuesday Night Service 7:00-8:15 ET Talk: Annual STO Retreat and Conference

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