Bodhidharma and the Birth of Zen (or not)

I am pleased Shinjin-sensei will be able to share the Dharma with us on April 13, 2021.

He and I are Dharma brothers from 2020. Indeed he was my Preceptor doing Shiho and also Doan during my Shuso, many bows Shinjin-san.

He had been at ASZC several years before I arrived in 2002 and has served on that Board of Directors for many years and has been a mainstay in sharing the Dharma.

Shinjin Nosan Ryu Eun Michael Goldman came to Zen through the martials arts in 1996.

He was initiated, ordained and transmitted to by Roshi Michael Elliston in the intervening years.

His professional work is in occupational safety and health and he remains enthusiastic about the martial arts, the guitar and entomology.

See you all on April 13, 2021!


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