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Dancing The Dharma, Bendowa -Teijo Munnich

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Receiving The Marrow

Chapter One: Dancing The Dharma, Bendowa -Teijo Munnich

Sangaku Dan Joslyn, 1/28/22

“I suggest this chapter is Teijo-sensi dancing with Katagiri-roshi, just as Master Dogen danced with Rujing…”

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The Dancing Wu Li Masters, Gary Zukav :

The Zen Master’s Dance, Jundo Cohen

“Basically Bendowa discusses zazen; more specifically it tells how to perfect the Buddhist way through zazen. Put away in draft form, it did not appear either in the 75 fascicles of Ejo or the 60 fascicles of Giun.

Bendowa began to circulate during the life of Manzan Dohaku (1636-1715). Manzan went to Imadegawa in Kyoto on business and stayed at Kikuteiden. Kagesue, the master of Kikuteiden, seemed to have been a descendant of Dogen. During dinner, he brought out a carefully preserved manuscript of Bendowa in Dogen' own handwriting. Manzan considered this a tremendous discovery and after reading it carefully, he satisfied himself that it was genuine. He ordered Menzan Zuiho (1683-1769), who accompanied him, to copy this work. In this way Bendowa became available to the general public.”


  1. Dogen did not sit…

  2. Yaoshan by “just sitting”, is Munnich just dancing … to a degree (p1)

  3. Bendowa as the intimate story of Dogen’s awakened-enlightening (p2-4)

  4. Bendowa had to be written as what is found has to be shared (p4-5)

  5. Bendowa as a letter of gratitude to Tiantong Rujing…Eye Opening..casting away of body and mind…answering Dogen’s question

  6. Straightback mutra (p7)

  7. Right View…letting go of hindrance (p8)...infinite possibilities

  8. Jijuyu Zanmai (p5-8)...Katagiri and dance… Why Disporting with the Buddhas (p10)

  9. Jijuyu Zanmai opens-up the awakening expanded through arising enlightenment of sitting (p5) pointed concentration…one minute Zazen one minute Buddha…wonderous acceptance (p7-10)... Buddha and ancestors …the field of enlightenment

  10. Enter the Tenzo ( story from the brief bio of Dogen in this book)

  11. Teacher and Teaching… Dogen could not teach because of conditions and variables of the time when he returned to Japan…therefore he wrote, and wrote, and wrote…a tumbleweed of prose and poems

  12. Letting go is opening the hand, eye, nose, ear, mouth and mind (p11)...Incense smoke

  13. Hey, how do you play?

  14. Non-Thinking is learning thinking as it is (p12)

  15. Yaoshin=Dogen=us/you/me=wholehearted embodiment of Zazen (p13)

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