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Deconstructing Your Senses in the Most Natural Way

This is a valuable chapter placed perfectly in the early journey into the Original Frontier. In many ways it is an encounter with the Heart Sutra.

This chapter is a deep dive into original thoughts of Taiun-roshi and a lancelet to the heart of the Frontier.

It is also a long part of the journey (chapter) as Hojo points out. To this end, we will divide the chapter into three parts.

On Tuesday August 10, 2021 we will cover pages 109-141 looking into the following points:

  1. The Six Thieves and Awareness

  2. Description verses Experience

  3. Sequence of Senses in Meditation

  4. Confronting the Resistance

  5. Touch,Thought, Sight and Sound, Smell and Taste

  6. No Sense and Emptiness

  7. Touching: Skin, Flesh, Bones & Feeling

  8. One Size Fits All

  9. Feeling Change

  10. Sensing NonSense

  11. Natural Posture, Natural Breath, Natural Mind

  12. Leading Cause of Death

  13. Thinking: Brain & Concepts

  14. I Think Therefore I am Not

  15. Taming The Ox

  16. Boredom Equals Poverty of Imagination

  17. Observing Thought

  18. Intentional Versus Natural Thought and Sensing Thought

  19. Linguistic Relativity

  20. Sleeping Off Thoughts

The points outlined need to be chewed thoroughly as the flavor is enlightening. In each sectional point, the momentum builds to the end of the chapter as we become aware that we, as practitioners, do things differently from whence we started. This is relatively abnormal in the real sense of brain-mind.

This transformation, as we continue deeper into the Original Frontier, suggests that we are forever changing on a path (say of a Mountain Being) significantly different from the path of a Flatlander Being. We are changed forever as we change-forever.

Please join us as we take our time receiving the dana of this chapter…



Check our events for August, set-up your Dokusan, and consider making a financial donation to your Sangha..

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