Don't Know...Not Clear

In Zen we explore non-duality through a dualistic personna called Samsara. And, speak of a deeper (higher) experience called Sammathi that seemly contradicts Samssara. This effort pushes our mind outside its comfort zone of being absolutely certain of something. The teachings offered by Shakyamuni Buddha suggests grasping (attachment/addiction) to/of anything over time creates Dukkha (being out of round or wobbly) as change occurs throughout our life. In effect we as Zen practitioners, awaken to clarity of the oneness of seemingly two. We say it is less than two. This has the same meaning as the phrase-- the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Further my writing is an attempt for readers/practitioners to explore my means of communicating these teachings. This process is Upaya or skillful means.

The (is) most important concept (Upaya) in "skill in means" is the use, guided by wisdom and compassion, of a specific teaching (means) geared to the particular audience taught.