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Experiencing Two Schools of Buddhism: Fusatsu Apriel Jessup Searcy

Sangha is the community of people practicing the Dharma (Way) of Shakyamuni Buddha.

The Silent Thunder Order is a network of a dozen such sanghas under the leadership of Taiun Elliston-roshi. He is the Abbot or Hojo of the Order.

Because we in the Falmouth Soto Zen Sangha (FSZS) are a member of this network of sanghas, we are able to have wonderful speakers from other areas join us in our services. This Tuesday night, Fusatsu Apriel Jessup-Searcy, who has been to several of our services, will lead our Dharma discussion.

Fusatsu-san took Jukai with Hojo Michael Elliston in 2018 and in November of 2020 took Zeike (Discipleship). She had been practicing within a Tibetan sangha for 12 years prior to joining the Atlanta Soto Zen Center.

Fusatsu has been a nurse for 23 years and furthered her education in health information technology in 2005. She has been a spiritual seeker all of her life and found that Buddhism resonated with her on path/life more closely than the other religion. She started on her Buddhist path in 2005. She continues to explore, learn, and practice in service to the sangha. She currently leads the ASZC/STO Communications & Technology team loving known as the “Zen Geek Squad“. She lives in Conyers, a suburb of Atlanta, Ga. with her wife, Phenix of 18 years, and their dog and cats.

Please join us via Zoom at 7PM/ET on December 8, 2020:

Password: FSZS



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