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Yesterday, the President of the United States defined religion. At the Congressional Prayer Breakfast, he denied that any prayers and any religious belief was valid unless it confirmed his greatness and victimization. He proclaimed that one person was lying when she said she prayed for him. He denied that another man was following his deep religious faith when he had the audacity to tell the truth, so help him, God, and vote to convict the president of high crimes and misdemeanors.

He lectured us on morality, ethics, and concepts of a higher power. This diatribe came from a man whose personal history speaks of a lack of these qualities, not an abundance of them. Like a belittled or discredited God, he fretted that his behavior was not being approved of by every single person in the Universe.

His constant drone of, “You are wrong because I'm always right,” complete with the thunder and lightening of his tantrums, shaming, and name-calling, begs not just for approval.The president requires adulation bordering on worship.

We are watching a person tell us and act in ways that are not just above the law but something more ominous and omnipotent. 

After all, isn't this what being The Supreme Leader means?


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