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Hossen: Open Dharma Discussion

Hossen is a deep dive by a teacher and student into the Dharma. As Shuso, or head student, a person engages in a no-holds-barred deep dive into Dharma discussion. In the formal sense anyone may join in Shikei, or "combat" is used to describe the event.

This Tuesday night we will engage in an open discussion whereby students bring their questions about our practice. Upaya refers to the skillful approach to this the interplay. In someway it is similar to a multi-degree Black-Belt sparring with a much less accomplished student of karate. They both should understand this as the teacher is helping expand the awareness of the student-they both know this so the transmission of knowing (deep experience) takes place.

So, we will modify this approach this week we look at levels and cross-sections of responses to questions as they relate to the teaching of Shakyamuni Buddha and other ancestors. For example what is the difference between Chinese Chan and Japanese Zen? Well, This was part of Dogen Zenji's question. And, is a rather Chan-like question.

So one of the skill full means for us Tuesday night is to explore ( to a small degree) Indian Buddhism, Chinese Buddhism and Chan, along with Confuscusion and Taoism.

Please join us in Open Discussion!

Finally, many bows to Mokuo-san for her talk on about her visit to the Upaya Zen Center.


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