Interplay of Right Action, Right Livelihood, and Right Effort

Updated: Mar 9

Sila, Dharma, and Prajna refer to sangaku or the three teaching. Teaching is the answer to Shakyamuni Buddha's question: can it be taught, or yes. Understanding is a mental construct. The construct Buddha intuited was the Four Noble Truths. As we discussed earlier. Right View is seeing deeping into this construct. We might say we feel strongly about the application of this theory to change suffering. So if we intuit this we see deeply into possibility. We are open. The five assectics of the first sangha were thus. Open to thought and linking speech are strong first steps.

Yoda was right when he told Luke to not try---do. While seeing the interplay of effort to action he also suggests that Right Effort is different from more or less effort. As for trying harder, we could rather, do something to just see/view what happens. Right Action is noble, in a sense pure or direct not ignoble or laced with greed, hate. or delusion. So Right View, Thought, and Speech set us up to act. To get on with it. Imagine alignment progressing through each of the eight steps. In Right Action we are aware of doing.