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Katsuryu Joins Us From The West

I met Katsuryu Bill Cooper three years ago as he had reached out to Elliston-roshi as having been a student of Matsuoka-roshi while Katsuryu was in California.

I had a wonderful discussion with his sangha, Bellevue (Washington) Dharma, two months ago and ask him in return to share the Dharma with us in Falmouth.

Katsuryu-san is active in the Silent Thunder Order, serving on the Retreat Committee and helping facilitate the STO Practice leader Forum. I look forward to all of you meeting him.

Please join us on Zoom only, Tuesday August 17, as we are not returning face-to-face until at least September 7, 2021.

Password: FSZS



Practice Leader: Katsuryu Bill Cooper

Bellevue, WA

Katsuryu believes Buddhist teachings and meditation practices can be highly useful in modern, daily life and he is dedicated to bringing these teachings to anyone who would like to learn them.

Katsuryu Bill Cooper is currently training in the Silent Thunder Order. He met his first Buddhist teacher, Matsuoka Roshi in 1981 and was ordained as a Zen priest by him in 1986. He is the Practice Leader of Bellevue Dharma.

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