Less Than Two: Gender and Zen

"Our duty, as practitioners of any gender, is to say yes to whatever arises and then to act from the balanced place of response rather than reactivity."

I met Myozen Blacker in 2012 when Taiun Elliston-roshi and I travelled to Worcester Massachusetts to visit her and her husband who were practice-leaders at the Boundless Way Zen Center. It was a lively place with a lot of laughter and discussions and a different approach to service than I had experienced. Much louder and faster chanting and kinhin that we practice in the Silent Thunder Order. I had do do something although I felt different doing so.

Feeling and doing are not always aligned and Myozen-sensei, describes this sensation from a gender perspective, as in role playing one way but being seen by others in a hard caste-like stereotype-a kind of foot in both worlds.