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Life In The Era of Coronavirus

I am writing this in Berkeley California as the state and local communities are shutting down gatherings-change is erupting. A week ago this change had not arrived as conditions and variables were familiar in our living with more individual plans and expectations. I/we were free to do as beings less limited in collective action.

I/we are now in the stage of waiting and seeing, some like me on one-side of the continent away from home on the other, wondering if domestic travel will be halted before a scheduled flight on Monday. Being over 60 by,15 years, having scarred-lungs from double pneumonia as an infant, and currently having radiation treatment (implants), I am firmly in the "risk of major implications if I catch it," category. I am visiting with one daughter and talking on the phone with the other. Their fear is focused on their dad, my fear not so much.

We are always here and now no matter where and what, Actions I'm taking are checking-in with friends, family, and Sangha members. Projections, predictions, expectations are not much of my concern. Rather, washing hands, including thumbs, wiping surfaces, keep distance, containing coughing and sneezing are part of my daily routine,

I have been buoyed by compassionate practices of people taking actions to not put people in harm's way. This is pausing adjusting to new conditions and variables working to do no harm. These actions now become focal parts of living in the era of COVID-19. In my life-time, polio, nuclear alarmism, wars, racial unrest and rioting, various infectious diseases, 9/11, illness of loved ones and death, have shaped day-to-day adjustments.

We are adjusting--some more than others. The difference now is we must lead with a specific set of procedures that make sense for all. This is right view, thought, and action through right diligence. This is what we can do, this is a part of our new day-to-day life moment by moment awake to change altering life as it always does.

May we all be a little kinder and more patient with with each other. Something we all need to do and receive all the time.

Our Tuesday night services are now online from 7-8EDT. Email me at or call 404-702-7646 for details, Dokusan, or if you just want to chat.

May you be well,


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