Open Dharma Discussion

What if you could ask anything you wished and have a conversation about what you feel is meaningful ? What if you had a friend (or ten) you thought might find exploring "Self": interesting?

What if we try this on Tuesday Night March 16, 2021 at 7:00pm, on Zoom? Exploring ideas and suggestions, brainstorming, or thinking outside the "Outside." are intriguing, exotic, and even mystical forays--freedom as freeform. In many ways it reflects Buzz Lightyear's famous quote..."To Infinity and Beyond."

Slowly we come to realize as Kafka did, there is a gatekeeper that prevents this. Our gatekeeper is self-perception. We face this perception every moment. For example the perceived self says "I don't Know?" and the true self of no merit says "I don't Know." Hakuin uses these lines in Song of Zazen as such: