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Rohatsu: Zoom Sitting Buddha

Friday from 6:30 PM/ET through Saturday 6:30 AM/ET members of the Falmouth Soto Zen Sangha will sit in Zazen. We when sitting thus become Buddha as such. This is an invitation for a unique Zoom experience. You can come and go via Zoom as you like over this time frame. This is called Rohatsu and is celebration of Buddha's awakening by sitting Buddha...

Beginning at 6:30 PM there will be instructions for the twelve hours event. Then at 6:30 AM Saturday we will explore the Buddha's first sermon, or the First Turning of the Dharma Wheel, as part of our Dharma discussion.

In preparing for this Zoom event here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Find a place that is not too hot or cold to sit. We usually face a wall.

  2. Sit in a chair or on a cushion but not a bed.

  3. Drink a glass of water before you begin and at least two more glasses during the night.

  4. Bring a blanket to use if you get too cold.

  5. I will keep time by ringing a bell--a strike for each hour. This reminds us of thoughtfulness and alerts you to not sitting for more than 50 minutes before standing,.

  6. When you rise slowly, stand for a moment and then walk slowly (Kinhin) for at least 10 minutes before returning to you sitting place.

  7. If the weather and temperature is warm enough for you you can walk outside or even sit outside for a few minutes- no more than 20 minutes and return back to your inside sitting spot. Try facing the moon

  8. If you are hungry eat (a few bites several times during the night do not have a heavy meal), and if you have to use the bathroom-do so.

  9. If you are falling asleep take a short nap, remember the hour will be struck on the bell every sixty minutes. You may use a pillow if you wish.

  10. When feeling tired splash your face and neck with water but not at your sitting place (during walk or using bathroom).

  11. While sitting Zazen we breathe and allow thoughts to come and go

  12. Be sure to stretch before sitting and each time you get-up

  13. The legs may become numb, if so rub then before getting up to walk. Water and food intake will help.

  14. This is not an endurance contest if you need to stand or walk more often, do so but always come back to sitting Zazen.

  15. If you take medication at night do so at your regular time.

  16. I will be watching the screen to make sure everyone is okay

  17. For safety sake, I will ask each participant to list a contact number( on the CHAT feature of Zoom) for a close by person to check on you if needed. These numbers will not be copied and will be erased as we end on Saturday morning.

I look forward to seeing you on Zoom 6:30 PM/ET Friday December 4, 2020. If you have questions email:

108 Bows,


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