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So, What: Follow-up on 11th Annual STO Fall Retreat

From Tuesday September 28, through noon Sunday October 3, 2021, The Annual Fall Retreat of the Silent Thunder Order offered 50 hours of sitting-time (zazen), chanting, walking meditation, and 17 discussion sessions.

This sesshin also included open access to committee updates on programs, activities, and finances of the Silent Thunder Order Association. Attendance, on average per session, was around 20 people from across the United States and Canada. Wide ranging discussions took place as well as controversial comments and reactions also worthy of discussion.

Tonight I'll comment on the retreat and conference, and ask people from our Sangha to offer their insights into the happenings of the week. Mokuo, Ikusei, Inmo, Amy and I represented FSZS in breakout groups responses to various talks and through presentations.

FSZS folks gave four presentation including The Women's Research Project, Harmonics of Community, Update on The STO Strategic Plan, and the opening of the Public Phase of the The Abbot;s Fun Campaign.

As you can read, a lot happened and we will explore what it meant to each of us and to the Falmouth Soto Zen Sangha, Here is a link to the six day retreat and conference schedule and guide:

Below is our October schedule of events. These include a 6 hour intensive (in person only zazenkai) from 6:30-Noon, October 9, where we review and practice conducting services and the roles of Doan and Doshi. Our new Tenzo Team, Ikusei and Hokashi-sans, will provide a light breakfast and then we will all go out to lunch.

Mike Mui Lewis, sensei, will be our guest speaker on Non-Duality and Human drives on October 19. We will look at The Falmouth Soto Zen Sangha (FSZS) in the constellation of Buddhism. In my final talk of the month, I'll speak to "Rodeo Clown and Bodhisattva."

As we enter a new month please to be sure to set-up time for Dokusan (1:1 Dharama exploration with teacher/sensei).

Finally, a reminder to donate to FSZS as you see fit.

108 Bows for sharing the Dharma

and support to each other and our Sangha,


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