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Technology Upgrade to Website

Doesn't the tile just grab you? I hope so because I've added a few new features to both these Dharma Notes and our FSZS website,

Since you have clicked on this post ...look up to the right corner and you'll see a magnifying-glass. You can click on it, enter a word or phrase and click again, then up pops the100+ posts some of

which contain the word (like:Matsuoka). In addition you can also look the last few posts and see the entire archive as well-wow!

Now, if that isn't enough, you can also go from the post to the full website by clicking Go Home. And, you can leave comments on a post if you wish.

Finally when you go to the full website you'll see some changes, and the most obvious is a banner celebrating 2020 as our 10 Anniversary of Sharing the Dharma. There will be much more about our celebration in the months to come. For now just bask in the wizardry...



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