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I remember being in Ms. Evans' room in the third grade at Monroe County Elementary School on Valentine's day. Now, we celebrated in the first and second grade too, but that was before I was overwhelmed with my love for Edith. I recall the ritual until this day. Going to the dime store and getting a bag of small Valentine cards, getting them home, and deciding who, in my class of about 30 students would get each card. Well, the others didn't matter but Edith's did.

I came to find out that many cards were duplicates. I couldn't give the same card to Edith and another girl, Edith might think me fickle. So, I had to discard the other cards with the same picture and message. I've racked my brain but I do not remember what Edith's card looked like! However, I do have a faint memory of a small card with a white unicorn, rainbow, and hearts, and the poetic phrase something like..."Be my Valentine."

The Valentine event in Ms. Evans' class consisted of decorating a paper bag with our name on it and taping it to the back of our desk chair. Then, using stealth, we had to put the right card in the right bag throughout the day until the last period when we could look into our Valentine bag--what suspense and glee.

Finally, we had to thank everyone for our card from them (by the way it was the law in Ms. Evans' room that everyone had to give everyone a card). Then after all my efforts it finally happened, Edith walked slowly toward me then stopped and said the words one can never forget..." thank you Danny for my nice card."

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