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Yoshin Amy Wilson: A Wayfinding Talk

Please join us this Tuesday night, January, 25, 2022, as we hear a talk by Yoshin Amy Wilson.

In November, last year she took her initial vows as a Buddhist. In our Sangha, one asks to take this ceremony called Jukai.

The “ask,” begins a ten month period of study between applicant and the guiding teacher culminating in the public ceremony of declaration of vows in November of a given year (see above). November is significant for the Falmouth Soto Zen Sangha and the Silent Thunder Order, wherein both organizations were founded in 2010.

Yoshin has been practicing with us for three-years and brings a wonderful skill-set and declaration of service to our community. She will give a traditional “Wayfinding Talk.”

This talk is about how one finds the Middle Way of living, as taught by Shakyamuni Buddha, some 2600 years ago.

Please “invite a friend or ten,” to join you on Zoom as we, among other things, will hear about the role of her spending a week alone on a deserted island, had to do with her practice of everyday Zen.

Password FSZS

108 Bows,


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