Zen, not-Zen, non-Zen, Zen: Entering the Luminous Fog of Mindfulness Facilitation

Katto Garth Smelser took Jukai in 2019. He is a Navy veteran, worked with the U.S. Forest Service and is now at N.O.A.A., the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Last year he began mindfulness training through the Engaged Mindfulness Institute (EMI), formerly Peacemaker Institute, founded in 2001 by Fleet Maull and Vita Pires.

The Institute delivers trainings developed from a rich tradition of spiritually grounded, contemplative and mindfulness-based peace and social change work, as well as the latest developments in neuroscience-based leadership training.

The Institute specializes in training those who support individuals in underserved communities. Mindfulness is foundational to all of our trainings. EMI developed, and offers, several mindfulness-based models for intervention: Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence (MBEI)™ training, Mindfulness-Based Wellness & Resiliency (MBWR)® training, and Mindfulness Teacher Training.

Now over a year into this journey, he is sharing with us this meditation practice and mindfulness living habits with diverse audiences, wonderful questions about his own Zen that have emerged. He will share details of his EMI training and what gates ithas opened, and invite us into this fog of uncertainty and unknowing which wrapped itself around him like a warm blanket

Please join us July 13, 2021 at our new Zendo at the First Congregational Church of Falmouth , 68 Main Street. You can also Zoom in: and the password is FSZS

Also see our for more informatation. You may also email me at

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