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On July 2, 2021, we held a move-out-move-in-day as we left one home and moved into another.

At 7:00 PM/EDT July 6, 2021, we will sit in a space within a new facility for the Falmouth Soto Zen Sangha.

After eleven years at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship on Sandwich Rd.,

we have moved to the First Congregational Church on Main St. in Falmouth. Leaving one wonderful place for another we bow to both with deep appreciation for taking us in. Feeling in the right place at the right time is awesome. Spiritual in nature there are holy-places, of time and space, where it just feels right and we exhale with ease.

Zendo is the place in which we do zazen. When we are in something we are it, for example Motsuoka-roshi would say, one minute zazen one minute Buddha. When we are in the middle there are no sides, when we drop away boundaries we are awake to wholeness. It is our zazen that defines the Middle Way evoking vow to reduce suffering in ourselves and others.

So, we invite everyone to join in person or via Zoom. We will be creating new ways to share the Dharma and always welcome your ideas and suggestions. We will have pictures and keep you posted through our weekly Dharma Notes and entries on our Facebook page. As always our website is up-to-date and a great source of information regarding events, books, retreats, videos, and Dharma discussions.

So on this July 4th I reflect on the liberal idea of freedom of religion. It means a great deal to this Pentecostal Holiness kid from Forsyth, Georgia, who was able to grow-up to be a Soto Zen Buddhist priest in Falmouth, Massachusetts?

Happy Birthday to us all, and I’ll see you all at 7:00 PM/EDT July 6, 2021.

108 bows,


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