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Values and Vows of the Falmouth Soto Zen Sangha

We vow to be welcoming to newcomers and inquirers
We vow to consider all beings as our Sangha, as best we're able,
and to continually express the dharma through body, speech, and mind\
We vow to welcome and include all who want to learn, practice, and live the dharma
We vow to take-up the way of listening deeply
We vow to live a life of self-learning
We vow to help others deepen our practice
We vow to make no distinction between ourselves and others
We vow to express compassion in our thought and action
We vow to support the Guiding Teacher and Practice Leader
We vow to pay respect and take refuge in the three treasures for ourselves and others
We vow to create a harmonious community by mindful and compassionate behavior
We vow to not waste this life.

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