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Beginning January 15, 2022, Unshin Sangaku Dan Joslyn-Sensei, founder and guiding teacher of the Falmouth Soto Zen Sangha, will begin a unique 1:1 independent study of five major teachings. The 2022 Course I, addresses five teachings:

  • Three Universal Laws, 

  • Four Noble Truths, 

  • Noble Eightfold Path, 

  • Vows and,

  • Paramitas 

The format is straight forward. If you wish to spend ten hours in direct 1:1 tutorial experience with Sensei, at times of your choosing, between January 15, 2022 and May 15, 2022, now you can. 


The approach is also direct. Via Zoom, you will set a schedule, be given assignments, discuss each teaching and major points, and ask as many questions as you wish. Once a month  there is a one hour meeting of students wishing group discussion with Sensei. Then on May 15, 2022, join others who have completed the course, in zazenkai from 10:00 AM-1:00 PM, Eastern Time.


There will be opportunities to develop a journal during the course, and if you wish, you may provide answers to written questions to be reviewed with Sensei. Those completing the course will receive a letter of recognition..


As this is a tailored individual independent study, each student, in consultation with Joslyn-sensei, will determine the pace of study. This means a student may modify their schedule  if her/his time constraints change.  


Donations are accepted. As a minimum consider a 10-15 dollar per hour contribution. All donations go to support the Falmouth Sangha programs and service operations. A portion of contributions will be given to the Silent Thunder Order.


The course is limited to six students 

For more information contact

Unshin Sangha Dan Joslyn-Sensei 

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