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The Noble Eight Fold Path (Dancing)

The Fourth Noble Truth identifies "The (Middle) Way," for ending suffering. This is the Noble Eight Fold Path. And, it is the walking/living our life step by step that shifts us from willing to doing. Zen is about action, one might say we are "Zenning." Here is an example...pause and then read this sentence again. If you did indeed pause and read the above sentence again you not only were reading but following a direction. So we may know the terms but it is in day to day interpretation and action that we unfold the meaning. So we in Zen are not so much people of the Sutras as we are people of the "Doing," what we sometimes call living zen. We become "The Way" in doing the day.

Perception is an inside job. We gain a perspective (view) that places our awareness just so, which we call "Mindful." This view is culled from insight into impermanence, co-arising (interdependency) and non-abiding self. Dogen Zenji, says to know "The Way," is to know the self and to know the self is to forget the self. These action produce clarity or "Right View," usually identified as the first step on the Noble Eight Fold Path leading to the end of suffering.

Each moment we look into what is happening, not happening, and take action. Every moment is a fork in path and as Yogi Berra said when you see a fork take it. Right View is our pregnant-pause as the possibilities unfold our action. Walking the Middle Way is identifing, analyzing and actively reducing suffering for ourselves and others. This path is not linear and not really a journey, it is more like dancing than hiking as we step and glide, dip and wiggle across the floor aware of obstacles and trying not to step on the feet of others...


1. February 21 is BRING A FRIEND OR TEN TO ZEN NIGHT. Please invite your friends to come see what we are all about...

2. Each January-March, we return to the basics, that is discuss the life and teachings of the historical Buddha as the foundation of our Soto Zen practice. This will include the Five Turnings of the Dharma Wheel, The Three/Four Seals, The Four Noble Truths and Noble Eight-Fold Path. This is a good opportunity for new comers to explore these teachings. Please ask friends to join you and us as we do so!

3. Like String for Beads, is a compilation of my Dharma talks, notes, poems and Facebook comments. Special thanks to Enjitsu Chris Charyk for pulling the pieces together in this book! There will be copies available every Tuesday night, or let me know if you want me to mail you a copy.

The book is $25 for the first copy and $15 for extra copies while they last…

4. Visit our new library named for Diane “Yugen” Tucker. The cart was a donation to the Sangha by Kyoshin Elin Kinney as Dana for her Jukai on November 5, 2016…many bows! The books will be added over the next few weeks and Kyoshin-ni has agreed to be our Librarian. A donation of $1 is recommend to check out books and magazines for up to three weeks. It really is a cute cart drop-by and see it soon. Oh, we wheel it out each Tuesdays and for zazenkai and sesshin, or if you would like to see if we have a book you want, get in touch with Elin <>.

5. Meditation is also held each TUESDAY at 10:00AM at the Falmouth Senior Center.

6. Our Zendo is open at 6:30PM (good time for newcomers to get aquatinted) at the UUFF, 840 Sandwich Road, for our weekly service which starts at 7:00PM.

7. FEBRUARY IS MOVIE MONTH in book group-Buddhism Book Bunch: See our Website under Newsletters for details. Contact Koin Sue Eliason Susan Eliason <>

Silent Thunder Order (STO) ACTIVITIES: See our website for details.

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