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Dana: Heartfelt Giving

My Teacher Taiun-roshi, sometimes describes what we do as "Almost Perfect." Like taking half-steps to the wall we never quite get there, but Almost Perfect says strive effortlessly always-Right Effort. In practicing the Noble Eightfold Path. We also speak of effort-to-effortless perfection through three personal and three spiritual actions we do everyday. These "Perfections or Prajna" are what we we call "Zen of Everyday Life." Each moment we spend our life in reducing suffering through practicing a life that says

knowing suffering enables us to experience compassion, living-kindness, joy and equanimity. The Paramitas in some way are "Walking The Talk" of the Noble Eight Fold Path-the "Thus" for which are known. Another view is to say, "If we are not fettered then we practice wholehearted _____________." In the blank you may fill in the name of the paramita or perfection.

Dana, is heartfelt giving or generosity, sometimes described as the Dharma Gate to the Six Perfections, it is sincerely sharing of the Buddha-Dharma. When we enter the anti-room to our Zendo, there is a small bowl attended by a happy child monk icon smiling at us. We are asked to pause, bow and offer a kind thought to the Universe. I also say I can tell if one does this by how much they are smiling. At the same time I mention if you have a few dollars in your hand please place them in the Dana Bowl as well. Generosity/Dana enlightens our greed. Dana is letting go, breaking the attachments of our hoarding thereby reducing suffering. It is learning true reciprocity knowing the heartfelt way to give and receive throughout our day. In both giving and receiving we learn acceptance and letting go. So please join us for the next few weeks as we strive, and who knows, do so "Almost Perfectly..."


  • May 2, service will be on The Six Perfections and the first Prajna- Dana.

Our Beach sitting on the Bike-Path at Oyster Pond and Surf Drive has begun, from 6:30AM until 7:00AM then we all go to PIE-IN-THE SKY in Woods Hole for coffee.

1. During May, we will explore The Six Perfections, or paramitas that are guides for Mahayana Buddhist practice. They are virtues to be cultivated to strengthen practice and bring one to enlightenment. The Six Perfections describe the true nature of an enlightened being, which, in Mahayana practice, is to say they are our own true buddha-nature. If they don't seem to be our true nature, it is because the perfections are obscured by our delusion, anger, greed, and fear. By cultivating these perfections, we bring this true nature into expression. For an excellent overview go to:

2. Like String for Beads, is a compilation of my Dharma talks, notes, poems and Facebook comments I have produced over the last five years. Special thanks to Enjitsu-san Chris Charyk for pulling the pieces together in this book! There will be copies available every Tuesday night, or let me know if you want me to mail you a copy. The book is $15 per copy.

3. Visit our new library named for Diane “Yugen” Tucker. The cart was a donation to the Sangha by Kyoshin Elin Kinney as Dana for her Jukai on November 5, 2016…many bows! The books will be added over the next few weeks and Kyoshin-ni has agreed to be our Librarian. A donation of $1 is recommend to check out books and magazines for up to three weeks. It really is a cute cart drop-by and see it soon. Oh, we wheel it out each Tuesdays and for zazenkai and sesshin, or if you would like to see if we have a book you want, get in touch with Elin <>.

4. Meditation is also held each TUESDAY at 10:00AM at the Falmouth Senior Center.

5, Our next book selection for the Buddhism Book Bunch is a wonderful treatise on The Bodhisattva Precepts. We will read this for both April and May, 2017 discussing the first half of the book, chapters 9-23 on May 21. Remember we'll select a book for our summer reading (June-September) at our BBB May 2017 meeting.

6. Our Zendo is open at 6:30PM (good time for newcomers to get aquatinted) at the UUFF, 840 Sandwich Road, for our weekly service which starts at 7:00PM.

Silent Thunder Order (STO) ACTIVITIES: See our website for details

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